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"A hell of a way to get comfortable in that window seat you're pinned in."


"It's amazing. For those times you just gotta put your head down, it's a lifesaver."

                              -CBS News

"Comfy and amazing.


"I adore this genius invention. The first night I wore it, I slept 10 hours. Amazing!"

A great idea from the 'why didn't I think of this?' department. 


"A genius innovation that can literally change your sneaky sleeping habits."

"The WAN is perfect."

"I stayed sound asleep until my husband came to wake me. It was bliss!"

"Instant blissful peace & quiet. I can't tell you how fast I fell asleep, but it was wonderful."

"The best sleep I've ever had - all twelve hours of it."

"Shockingly utilitarian. Anoints wearer with the superpower of sleeping anywhere."

"A hell of an invention."

"The next Snuggie"


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