Wrap-a-Nap Launching on The Grommet, 11/18

We at Wrap-a-Nap HQ couldn’t have been happier when, after waking up a few weeks ago from a much-deserved face-down-at-our-desks-nap, we discovered we’d been selected for feature/launch on the popular and amazing innovative e-retail pioneer, The Grommet.

Since its inception in 2008, The Grommet has made a name for itself by bringing big ideas from small businesses to the masses. Only 3% of the products reviewed by The Grommet are selected for launch, which puts Wrap-a-Nap in rarefied air with other Grommet-launched products like SodaStream and FitBit.

Wrap-a-Nap launches on The Grommet this November 18th — perfect timing to kick off the holiday shopping season. So head on over and grab a WAN or two (free shipping on orders over $50), and while you’re at it, browse their impressive collection of innovative gifts, gear and goods.