Never Leave The House Again: 3 Unique E-Tailers That Make Christmas Shopping Easy

Whether you’re hoping to avoid the crowds, or just more interested in interesting gifts over ultra-big-discounts, we’ve profiled a few unique e-tailers worthy of your patronage this holiday season. 

The Grommet: This unique e-tailer specializes in daily “launches” of innovative, maker-focused products. The Grommet only launches 3% of the products it reviews, and with a history of brands like SodaStream and FitBit, you can shop with confidence knowing that you’ll find a well-curated selection of innovative and interesting gift ideas. So head over to and sign up for their mailing list, or just cut to the chase and grab a Wrap-a-Nap (launched 11/18).  As its name suggests, offers a massive variety of “fancy” retail opportunities from all over the world. Originally founded as an exclusive, invite-only photo blog where celebrities and tastemakers shared images of their current and future possessions, has evolved into a socially oriented shopping portal, complete with all the social media bells and whistles: photo feeds, sharing, likes, and more. So whether you’re in the search of something fancy like this $10K robotic snowblower, or something a little more practical, warm, welcome and affordable... Perhaps the least known of our three unique e-tailers, Bonanza aims to offer shopper “everything but the ordinary” in its eBay-meets-Amazon-like interface. Conceived “by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”, Bonanza provides a shopping platform for product companies of all sizes. The range of products is astounding -- anything from bar soap to men’s clothes to innovative sleep solutions -- so you’ll find no shortage of suitable gift options.