Welcome to the Jungle: A Few Fun Facts About Amazon

Amazon is the go-to site for savvy online shoppers, and the gold standard for e-retailing from the seller’s end, too -- we at Wrap-a-Nap HQ are happy participants in its famed Fulfillment-By-Amazon (FBA) program. So as the shopping season begins, we thought we’d share a few interesting tidbits about everybody’s favorite e-retailer. 

 Garage Brand: Much like other modern internet giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft, Amazon began its operations out of founder Jeff Bezos’ garage. It’s hard to believe Amazon now operates warehouses covering millions of square feet, serving more than 300 million active users across 75 different countries. 

Cadabra Prime?: Amazon was almost called Cadabra.com. Other options included MakeItSo.com (yes, a Star Trek reference), Awake.com, Bookmall.com and Relentless.com. Bezos settled on Amazon.com to imply its vast ability to scale, and because back in 1995, websites were often listed alphabetically.

Keeping Grounded: Working for Amazon isn’t a walk in the park. All full-time employees -- even the CEO -- must work two days in the Customer Service Center every year. And don’t expect the cushy fringe benefits of other tech-world employers - frugality is the name of the game here. Cafeteria food will cost you money, as will snacks and drinks from the vending machines (whose light bulbs are removed to save on power costs). 

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify: As if expanding from books and media to electronics, home goods, innovative sleep solutions and award-winning TV content weren’t impressive enough, Amazon has holdings including movie database IMDB.com, shoe retail monster Zappos.com, and audiobook king Audible.com.

‘Tis The Season(al Employee Season): Nowhere does the Christmas shopping rush hit in such full-force as at Amazon.com’s fulfillment centers. The demand is so high that Amazon is poised to hire over 120,000 seasonal employees this year, each of whom will be picking, packing and shipping your Executive, Forrest, Ruby and Poseidon Wrap-a-Naps, just in time for Christmas morning.